Who wants to go out tonight?

This past weekend I was absolutely dead set on attending two parties thrown by a well known Brooklyn-based DJ. One on Friday, one on Saturday. Per usual, I talked a big game, predicting that both nights would end only after 5 hours of dancing to bass thumping hip hop. I challenged my friends to drop whatever plans they may have had and join me on this sweaty escapade.

Sadly, as is often the case, my weekend did not go as I expected. See chart for details.




Thank You, Designers!

I was struggling yesterday while designing some of the peripherals for one of my side projects (this time it was Willow Education). Just as I was about to hit up a graphic designer friend for help, I realized that it was the umpteenth time that I was asking him for some free labor.

Enough. I would no longer be a leach. Instead, I would bust out my guitar and spend the next 2.5 hours writing, recording and filming this music video/apology letter.

Enjoy 🙂