SummerBootCamp – Developers Showcase


 I’m so insanely proud of the work that these kids have done this past month. Huge shout out to John Fraboni and Sam Battan for being rockstars and to 4.0 Schools for always saying “yes, and”.

Come to the Developers Showcase to see our fellows rock your socks off.


Who wants to go out tonight?

This past weekend I was absolutely dead set on attending two parties thrown by a well known Brooklyn-based DJ. One on Friday, one on Saturday. Per usual, I talked a big game, predicting that both nights would end only after 5 hours of dancing to bass thumping hip hop. I challenged my friends to drop whatever plans they may have had and join me on this sweaty escapade.

Sadly, as is often the case, my weekend did not go as I expected. See chart for details.




Thank You, Designers!

I was struggling yesterday while designing some of the peripherals for one of my side projects (this time it was Willow Education). Just as I was about to hit up a graphic designer friend for help, I realized that it was the umpteenth time that I was asking him for some free labor.

Enough. I would no longer be a leach. Instead, I would bust out my guitar and spend the next 2.5 hours writing, recording and filming this music video/apology letter.

Enjoy 🙂