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The pin is our apartment  – super close to the F/G/4/5/2/3/A/C/R


I live in the 3rd floor of a brownstone in relentlessly cute Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

My room is available for short term sublets (Maximum 14-day) The bedroom is a massive master bedroom with a full size bed, L-shaped couch, large closet and two large windows overlooking Court St.

I will be out of town for most of the summer which is why its available.  My name is Mikey (30, Male, Lebanese-American, Educator & Programmer). My roommate’s name is Roger (32, Male, Brazilian/Japanese, Lawyer).

We have a really comfortable, social, pet-free, gay-friendly, and musical household and tend to have  dinner parties every couple weeks. We have a large kitchen, dining room, living room and den/music room + two bedrooms.

Here is a lil video tour of the house (note:you are staying in the large room at the end of the video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-vCogj0aNQ

The price is $100/night for a maximum of two weeks.

No couples – sorry!!

Contact Mikey here: michael.muhanna@gmail.com if you are interested.



Other information about the neighrborhood


  • Map of the aparment
  • Close to F/G/2/3/4/5/A/C trains
  • We have tons of great coffee shops & restaurants within 5 minutes walking (plus a bagel shop across the street, a sushi spot next door, a pizza by the slice spot and burrito spot one block away and a neighborhood bar… basically all the essentials :D)
  • We live on top of a laundry place that does wash/fold and dry cleaning  (not expensive)
  • There are two grocery stores and pharmacies next door.
  • Feel free to explore using Yelp